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How to Register for Corona Vaccine? Learn the whole process of getting vaccinated For corona vaccine

 Crown Vaccine: How to Register for Corona Vaccine? Get familiar with the entire cycle of getting immunized 
How to Register for Corona Vaccine
How to Register for Corona Vaccine

Crown Vaccine: How to Register for Corona Vaccine? Get familiar with the entire cycle of getting immunized 

The Government of India has arranged a Special DashBoard for Corona Vaccine. All individuals will be enlisted on the dashboard. Just the individuals who are enrolled will be immunized. The public authority intends to inoculate everybody in the following a half year. 

The most effective method to Register for Corona Vaccine 

The most effective method to Register for Corona Vaccine 

A joint endeavor of UNICEF, PDPU and Gujarat Media Club (GMC) was held at Kovid Workshop in Ahmedabad. In which the specialists gave nitty gritty data about Corona immunization. The Gujarat government has made all the arrangements for the crown immunization crusade. In such manner, Dr. Chirag Walia, Medical Officer, WHO, Gujarat, said that most importantly, a house to house review for antibody will be led. All reviews of inoculation will at that point be overseen carefully on the gateway. 

The overview will be led with the assistance of Asha Worker sisters, Angalwadi star, staff of the company or other clinical staff. Neighborhood pioneers and notable countenances of public life will likewise be enrolled to bring issues to light about the immunization crusade. In which you need to give data about the individuals living in your home. In the wake of inoculating Healthcare Works in the principal stage and other forefront works in the subsequent stage, in the third stage, individuals over 50 years old will be enlisted first for those experiencing other comorbidities for example different infections. 

Dr. Nayan Jani, State Coordinator, Gujarat Vaccination, said that the Gujarat government has made uncommon arrangements for the antibody. There are 22 thousand virus chain focuses in Gujarat. Immunization focuses have been set up in 33 regions and 8 metros. Any individual who has been enlisted in the house to house review can enlist online on the public authority arranged Covid run board. The public authority intends to immunize everybody in the following a half year. 

How to enroll for the antibody? 

There will be a house to house overview for the crown immunization. In which you should give your personality authentication, full location and versatile number. In light of which your online enrollment will be finished. At the hour of inoculation, you should give unique confirmation of personality. 

How to know the spot and time for inoculation? 

The whole information base of the individuals who will be enrolled for the crown antibody will be kept prepared by the framework. This is the way you will be educated at the two dosages of the antibody. After the two portions are given, you will be given a declaration in your versatile that the immunization has been finished. 

Enrollment will be on the CO-WIN run board 

The Government of India has set up a CO-WIN Dash Board for the enlistment of Corona immunization. In which all the information of when the centers were immunized and who is yet to be inoculated will be put away. All the histories of the immunized recipient will be kept in the dashboard. 

What will UNICEF help the Gujarat government? 

UNICEF is additionally helping the Government of Gujarat in completing the Corona Vaccination Campaign. To encourage this mission, UNICEF will give two strolling coolers and a mobile cooler to store the antibody when it is brought to Gujarat. This permits the antibody to be handily put away and moved starting with one spot then onto the next.

How does an antibody get endorsed so rapidly? 

It normally takes 5 to 10 years for a preliminary attempt of an antibody and its ensuing endorsement as an end result. The inquiry that is at the forefront of everybody's thoughts is the means by which the immunization is being endorsed so quick. Because of this, Dr. Sarvan, Health Officer, UNICEF Gujarat, said that no crude material is kept in the preliminary cycle of the immunization. Endorsed simply after all boundaries have been demonstrated precise. Nonetheless, because of the pandemic, the regulatory cycle that used to set aside effort to get endorsement has been facilitated. Furthermore, this is being finished by utilizing Astra staff.

How does a vaccine get approved so quickly?

It usually takes 5 to 10 years for a trial run of a vaccine and its subsequent approval as a final product. The question that is on everyone's mind is how the vaccine is being approved so fast. In response to this, Dr. Sarvan, Health Officer, UNICEF Gujarat, said that no raw material is kept in the trial process of the vaccine. Approved only after all parameters have been proven accurate. However, due to the epidemic, the administrative process that used to take time to get approval has been expedited. And this is being done by employing Astra staff.

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STD I TO VIII Home learning Time table And circular Date 15 to 31 October 2020

 STD I TO VIII Home learning Time table And circular Date 15 to 31 October 2020

Keeping a uniform standard. The training business is additionally transforming and digitalizing itself.

This work has become the fastest in the 21st century. Also, suggestions are currently on the way. That is, the instruction is currently turning into advanced training.

Right now you might ask what is this advanced training? What is this online exam about? How will the online exam affect the way you are learning?

What number of such requests will ring a bell? 

Accordingly, I am giving ordered information about cutting-edge preparation in this online assessment oversee with the objective that you can consider an online assessment. 

For your advantage, this guide is isolated into the going with sections. 

What is Online Study Material – What is Online Study in Hindi? 

Concentrating through the web suggests is called an online assessment. It is a sort of partition preparation. Understudies and educators rely upon the Internet to talk with each other and spread enlightening materials. This automated technique for inspecting is renowned. 

Resulting from scrutinizing the significance of online assessment, you almost certainly understood what is called online examination? 

To spread it out, obviously, learning or examining the web is called web learning (another name for online examination). 

Online Study Online Learning, E-Learning, Computer-Based Learning And Any Others, Web-Based Learning, Internet-Based Learning, Mobile Learning, M-Learning, Virtual learning, etc., is known by various names. 

Understudies and teachers/tutors don't go up against one another under this preparation system. Or, on the other hand, perhaps, they remain at their place of home. Additionally, starting there, they speak with each other. 

Teachers, notes, addresses, and Others, etc., are passed on to the understudies through web suggests while sitting at home. 
Strategies, for instance, live talk, bundle discussions, video conferencing, are used to decide questions. That is, a homeroom like condition is made. What makes a difference is that they simply convey fundamentally. 

You are largely mindful of the excellent online instruction being granted by the Gujarat government as of now, yet we are prepared to give you a comprehension of how to get online training consistently. A module has additionally been delivered by the Gujarat government from home. This module is additionally exceptionally helpful. Learn at home. All the instructor companions of the Gujarat government have buckled down for the material, and in light of these, educators let us learn at home just as all the materials of online training you can easily watch at home according to the comfort of your time. 

So let us comprehend what you need to do to watch this video. To watch this video, first, you needed to go to youtube and look for a channel called Gujarati Class. When you search, you will discover it. Simply watch this channel, and you can buy into this channel each day. New recordings All recordings from Std. Ninth to twelfth are transferred. You can watch this video whenever on youtube according to your benefit. You can watch them on that blog here in the Diksha application, just as in the online instruction youtube channel of the Gujarat government. You can observe new recordings here consistently. Consistently recordings will be transferred on this site, and you will likewise get new data on this blog each day. Notwithstanding letting you know uniquely that with no sort of garments, youngsters, each examination end is taken cover behind this video that is indicated each day. On the off chance that you have do not have the foggiest idea of what the investigation result is, let me reveal to you today. Give somewhat more data about the outcomes Study discoveries are an approach to gauge the degree of instruction of youngsters. How to quantify the degree of instruction comes effectively from the examination discoveries of each subject and furthermore about how to consider and get instructors of each subject Full that.

Important Link:
👉Circular pdf click here

Time Table New
👉click here Download 1 to 2 Time teble
👉STD 3 to 5 Download Time Table
👉STD 6 TO 8 DOWNLOAD Time teble
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Complete maths for competitive exams in a single book By Angel Academy

  A very useful subject for all the competitive examinations issued by the Central Government and the Government of Gujarat is Mathematics.The whole math for which we have brought will be found from a single book.

Usually many friends find it very difficult in the subject of mathematics but once you remember the method and formula of mathematics then any question will be answered.In all the competitive examinations of the Government of Gujarat, the merits of the subject of Mathematics can be seen somewhere. I am presenting to you the book of complete mathematics for alone.The subject of mathematics is mainly divided into two parts, one is mathematics and the other is part of mathematics.

In addition to all the competitive examinations of the Central Government like Railways, SSC , Bank, Forest Guard, Police Constable, will be very useful for class 1-2-3.

Will be very useful for all competitive examinations of Gujarat Government like Gujarat Police Constable, Gujarat Forest Guard, Talati cum Minister, Junior Clerk, Lab Assistant, GPSC 1-2, Tate-Tat, Class 1-2-3.

Very useful information will be available for the mission government officer and also material will be provided so that your preparation goes in the right direction.

In addition to this a new current will be provided on our website every day which will be very useful for all the upcoming competitive exams.

Today Current Affairs One lienr ⬇️

  1. Who was appointed Principal Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha?
    Ans. Nitishwar Kumar
  2. Anil Jain appointed as the new chairman of
    Ans. All India Tennis Association
  3. In which country will the third annual Indo Pacific Business Forum be held?
    Ans. Vietnam
  4. Who was appointed as the President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers’ Association?
    Ans. Vinkesh Gulati
  5. You are reading this on Sarkari ShineJiri Menzel died in which field did he belong?
    Ans. Film Industry
  6. Which city started sanitation on one call service in the wake of COVID-19 epidemic?
    Ans. Lucknow
  7. When is International Literacy Day celebrated?
    Ans. 08 September
  8. In which country was R. Masakui appointed as the next High Commissioner of India?
    Ans. Jamaica
  9. Which district of Tamil Nadu was chosen as the first fully digital economy district of the state by the Central Government?
    Ans. Virudhunagar
  10. Which state sent COVID-19?
    Ans. Gujarat

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The 'Mother of Hubble Space Telescope' will be immortalized in space science


Going against the times, Nancy decided to pursue a career in astronomy. He believed that if he could not become an astronomer, he would become a physics teacher in high school.

NASA plans to launch the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope into space in 2025. What type of rocket will this telescope be launched into space? It is not decided. But the rocket for this telescope will be selected next year. Before the NASA 'Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope', the 'James Web Space Telescope' is to be sent into space. NASA has collaborated with the European Space Agency in this program. With the help of which the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched into space from the French Guiana spacecraft by the Aryan-5 rocket. The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched into space in late 2021. On May 20, the head of NASA announced the naming of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope as one of his female employees. In the history of NASA, this woman has made her name. She was the first woman to work at NASA. NASA has named its next mission, the 'Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope', 'Dr. Nancy Grace Roman Telescope'. Dr. Nancy Grace Rome worked hard during her tenure to set up a space telescope in space. In recognition of her contribution, NASA staff awarded her the title of 'Mother of Hubble Space Telescope'.

Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope: Getting a budget has been a difficult task for NASA from the beginning. NASA scientists have begun preparations for a future Congress and White House project. W-First will go into space with a special purpose. It will work to make observations about the mysterious dark energy in the universe. Scientists say dark energy is responsible for the expansion of the universe. In addition to this, W-First will also be used for the exploration of exoplanets orbiting other stars in the universe.

Like the Hubble Space Telescope, W-First's primary glass-mirror measures 2.4 meters. But with the use of modern technology, its visual capacity will be much higher than that of the Hubble Space Telescope. One image from W-First will provide as much data as a hundred images from the Hubble Space Telescope. W-First's design is currently in the advanced stage. The necessary hardware is being prepared for it. Initially it was decided to use a small size mirror for 'W-First' but, as the mirror of NRO Spy Satellite was available, it was decided to use it with technological improvements. Due to which the cost, size and size of this mission increased many times. The Mission Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope will weigh approximately 7.3 metric tons. The NRO Spy Satellite's mirror will be used as the primary mirror in W-First. How powerful can be the primary mirror of a satellite that can spy on the whole world by America? We can imagine it.

W-First Mission: In W-First Mission mainly two devices will be arranged in space. A device is known as a 'wide field infrared instrument'. While the second device is called a ‘coronograph’. The 'Wide Field Infrared Instrument' is a type of telescope. In which a huge camera with 300 megapixels is arranged. This camera will collect information about the presence of dark matter and the effects of dark energy in the universe. The ‘coronograph’ feature is that it will block the light coming from the star and get information about the exoplanet revolving around it. Rockets will also be selected next year to send the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope into space. Most likely, W-First will be launched into space from Cape Canaveral with a Space-Thana rocket or a Blue Origin rocket.

A team of scientists will begin designing the engineering test unit and its model for W-First next year. Usually two to three years before any mission, the contract for its construction is awarded by NASA to a private company. But NASA has been preparing for the 'W-First' program for five years now. The NRO Spy Satellite's mirror will be used as the primary mirror in W-First. How powerful can be the primary mirror of a satellite that can spy on the whole world by America? We can imagine it. Such a powerful mirror will be used for 'W-First'. In addition to Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, 'W-First' will also provide information about the 68% invisible force in the universe, i.e. dark energy.

'W-First' will be arranged at Sun-Earth Longrage Point, also known as N2. The Langrange Point is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. On May 20, a NASA official announced that W-First would be renamed the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope after its female employee, Dr. Nancy Grace Roman. What was his contribution to NASA's research work?

Dr. Who was Nancy Grace Roman? : When Nancy Grace Roman was young, she used to go out in the dark at night with her mother. His mother used to identify him with various constellations and stars in the dark. Sometimes in the dark, his mother would even make him see 'Dhruv-Jyoti'. Thus, Nancy had a childhood relationship with astronomy. Little did Nancy know that using modern technology would enrich astronomy. The world will call her the 'Mother of Hubble Telescope'.

Nancy Grace Roman was born in 1925 in Nashville. His mother's name was Georgia Smith Roman, he was a music teacher. He taught Nancy from childhood the relationship with birds, plants, stars and the planet. Nancy's father, Irwin Roman, was a geophysicist. Many times they had to change jobs. Due to which Nancy also had to change many cities in her childhood. At age 11, in fifth grade, Nancy set up an astronomy club for her friends. In which a meeting was called every week to discuss various constellations. At that time people did not allow girls to take more interest in science. In the study, when Nancy chose algebra over Latin, her teacher said with a twist, "Science is not a subject for girls, girls can never be scientists."

Despite the passage of time, Nancy decided to pursue a career in astronomy. "If they can't become astronomers, they'll become physics or math teachers in high school," he said. An avid aspirant to study astronomy since childhood, Nancy earned a degree in astronomy from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in 1946. After graduating from college, Nancy earned her doctorate in 1949 by writing a dissertation on the constellation Ursa Major Moving Group. Then Prof. He began serving at the university as a research associate at Morgan.

'Mother of Hubble Space Telescope': A lecture was once organized at NASA by Herald Ure, a scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Nancy Roman also went to hear the lecture. Jack Clarke, a NASA activist here, said to Nancy, "Do you know anyone who can program at NASA on space-astronomy?" Nancy felt that NASA had made an unofficial recommendation to her to work on space-astronomy. Nancy immediately applied to work at NASA in astronomy. He was also selected after the interview. Thus, in February 1959, Nancy Roman joined NASA. Here he was given the post of 'Chief Astronomer' of the Department of Astronomy. She was the first woman in NASA history to hold the position of 'Chief Astronomer'. At the same time, the first woman executive of the astronomy department was also appointed. She was the first woman to hold the position of executive at NASA.

In 1971, he formed a group for the Large Space Telescope. In time, the project became known as the Hubble Space Telescope. In 1979, Nancy retired from NASA prematurely to serve her mother. But NASA often called him a consultant. The Hubble Space Telescope was finally launched into space in 1990 by the space shuttle Discovery, thanks to the tireless efforts of NASA Roman Nancy Roman.

The Hubble Space Telescope has recorded 14.0 million observations over a 30-year period. As a result, more than 17,000 research articles have been published in scientific journals. The images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are incomparable. In 1998, Ed Weiler, chief scientist / astronomer at the Hubble Space Telescope, named Nancy Roman "Mother of the Hubble Space Telescope Telescope." He died naturally on December 25, 2018, at the age of 93. Known as the "Mother of Hubble Space Telescope" by NASA's upcoming mission "W-First", Dr. Nancy Grace will be immortalized in space science for Roman. 
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What is Vitamin B-12?
What is Vitamin B-12?

Adequate amounts of Vitamin B-12 are essential for the regulation of blood cells, nervous system and brain cells.

What are the main sources of Vitamin B-12?

Our body cannot make vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is not found in any vegetarian diet. According to a myth, B-12 is found in sprouted beans, but this is not credible. However, farms that grow vegetables using natural fertilizers may contain very small amounts of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is found in milk. However, frequent boiling of milk reduces the amount of B-12. For a healthy person, a daily dose of 2.5 mg B-12 should be ingested. Drinking one liter of milk will get some of this in the body. People who eat meat regularly have enough B-12 in their body.

Causes of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Vitamin B-12 deficiency is common in vegetarians who abstain from eggs, butter, cheese or any dairy products and meat. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can also occur in the following conditions. People who have been taking acidity medications regularly for two years or more have reduced levels of vitamin B-12 in their body. Which can lead to diseases like vitiligo (anemia) brain disease.

Excessive alcohol consumption also leads to a significant reduction in the amount of B-12 in the body. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is most common in patients undergoing surgery to remove a small portion of the stomach or small intestine.

Signs of vitamin B-12 deficiency

Vitamin B-12 deficiency causes vitiligo (anemia). This causes signs of weakness, fatigue, pale skin, and dry tongue. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can have a debilitating effect on the brain and nervous system. If the amount of vitamin B-12 is less than normal, a person may feel tired, have poor memory and often become depressed.

How to diagnose vitamin B-12 deficiency?

Blood tests should be done by every laboratory to determine vitamin B-12 deficiency. Injections and medications are used to increase the amount of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can be prevented if a person changes their diet or takes supplements. However, there is relief from deficiency through treatment. If there is any damage to the nervous system due to deficiency, it is not compensated.

Treatment guidance

Physicians usually prescribe medication for vitamin B-12 deficiency. If vitiligo (anemia) is caused due to non-availability of B-12 from the diet of the person, then 1 dose of 1000 micro gram(mg) of the drug is given daily. In other cases a dose of 20 micro grams(mg) per day is given.

Although injections of vitamin B-12 are also an excellent tool for treatment, medicine is the best remedy considering the convenience and cost of the person.

A person who cannot take good food. Individuals who get vitamin B-12 should be given vitamin B-12 supplements before they become deficient. Vitamin B-12 injections should only be given if the brain has been affected by vitamin B-12 deficiency. In such cases 1-2 injections of 1000 micro grams(mg) of daily vitamin B-12 should be given intramuscular to the muscles or skin. Then 1000-2000 micro grams(mg) of medicines should be given daily. After 2-3 months, blood test should be done again to know the amount of vitamin B-12.

Writer : Aslam Mathakiya
Designation : TBHV (Tuberculosis Health Visitor)
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GSEB Gujarati Medium Textbooks PDF Download (Class 1 to 12)


  • GSEB Gujarati Medium Textbooks PDF Download (Class 1 to 12)

  • STD 1 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 2 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 3 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 4 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 5 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 6 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 7 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 8 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 9 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF   Download
  • STD 10 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF  Download
  • STD 11 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF  Download
  • STD 12 – Gujarati Medium Textbooks in PDF  Download

The importance of primary education is universal.  The hunger for primary education working in the district is open to understand their affluence all over Gujarat.  Government and society are very much striving for the identity and power of collaborative leadership of institutions.  Although the expected results of decentralization have been achieved, the state will not move away from this responsibility.  Provides a Guideline.  So the task of education has to radically change the structure of primary education.  And the administration runs smoothly.  

There has to be a radical change in structure and structure.  Some departments of the state are fulfilling the expectations of disadvantaged children, parents and society.  I have to accept that.  Scattered villages, we are proving to be dwarfs, rejuvenation of education, hilly areas, small tribal settlements, villages should be discussed immediately  .  Where 50 post-independence repairs have to be done on a war footing.  One brick after another has not reached the suburban education year, how many times can a salty building survive if these ideas are renewed?  The strategy should be adjusted.  

These children will be deprived of education. Millions of life-hungry children will never be able to walk in remote areas.  Children deprived of living facilities, forest dwellers, sandy runes and currently three enemies of the country.  Poverty in neglecting the existence of children living in unhealthy, Ashan and Giri ravines.  If the common man continues to struggle against these obstacles, in the long run this fire game has burned all of us. Progressive countries have shown credibility in education for social development through their capacity for education. 

 The sociologist's conclusion is clear that the texture of primary education like 'Gunarmal' is thin and the flavor is fading - "The society which has started primary education.  Somewhere there is a lack of facilities and somewhere there is a lack of productivity at the national level.  

We have to accept this truth.  Yet it has remained at the primary level.  "In order to re-enact the current system of education, the common man has to think in the age of co-science and technology. Efforts towards immediate implementation have to be made with tools and procedures that can be freed from illiteracy.  She is working with a sense of dedication. She does not have to be satisfied with the numerical growth of education. 

The benefits of her knowledge, experience, wisdom and insight are hard to come by. The question of education  The blindness will disappear when education is imparted to the children. The common manhood is to be brought into practice. The initiative for the version of your small mistakes should not be delayed by paragraphs of the National Education Policy formulated in 1986.  Saurashtra, Central and South cover all districts up to the age of 14 years in Gujarat.  

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SUBJECT- Maths, science, English and Hindi
A self-study book has been prepared by the Gujarat government in which self-study book has been prepared by great under the leadership of Gujarat government so that students can test their own knowledge. GCRT has created a textbook on Mathematics and Science for the children of Std. 4: 8. The aim of GCRT is to test the social skills of the children in the Gcert Study Book so that they can do it themselves. The study book has been created. Self-study means to study yourself. Self means study. Study means study. This has been created by GCRT for self-study.


The standard textbook of standard six seven eight contains mathematics science in which the students have to calculate the examples of mathematics at home. They have given an experiment in science. They have to read the answer from the book and write the answers in the textbook so that the students can do their homework. India Student speed increases. The student will put himself in the textbook so that the students have the speed to calculate the math examples. In this case, it is very necessary to take the guidance of the teachers. Under the guidance of the teacher, the student has to do this work.


In Std., 6 7 8 Maths and Science Swadhyay Pothi, the teacher has to guide the students. In which lesson, the teacher has to give complete guidance to the students on how to do self-study in the text book. The students will have to check it properly, and the teacher will have to guide them. If the students go to Gujarati in various science experiments, they will also have to give a good understanding of science experiments. They will have to do science experiments. For that, if the self-study book is provided by GCRT, then the teacher has to give complete guidance and understanding to the student to do this research work well.

Instruction for parents
Prepared by GCRT with Std. 6,7,8 Mathematics and Science textbooks.In which the student has to do maths examples as well as science quiz experiments. The parents will have to do the self-study by the students in the book of the chapter which the teacher will teach on the day. Parents should give adequate guidance to the students if they are self-studying or not. Parents should give adequate guidance to the students. Parents will have to work hard for more.


Useful And Important Information about education-related service,
Carefully read all the most important notifications and notices for the post. You can directly access the PDF file. Please comment below for any help. We will furnish you with better service at this site. If You Get free job alerts on your device daily, then Join our WhatsApp group.
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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Students from Class 11 to CLASS 12 can go to school with their parents' permission, and gym scan will open but swimming pool and sports activity banned.

 Students from Class 11 to CLASS 12 can go to school with their parents' permission, and gym scan will open but swimming pool and sports activity banned.

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday gave Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for incomplete investigation of Class IX to Class XII. Classes will start in classes from September 21st. The service said the school was allowed to conclude whether to begin instruction there.

 Everyone has to follow these rules
Educators, school staff and understudies must keep a separation of 6 feet. On the off chance that you wash your hands, cover your face, keep your mouth shut while sniffling, continually screen your wellbeing and spit will help.
  If the children go to school, he has to take care of these things
 1.Take consideration of your wellbeing. 

2. There must be a separation of 6 feet between two individuals. 

3. Can't spit anyplace. 

4. Must wear a face veil. 

5. You will be approached to download the Health Bridge application where essential. 

6. Kids will go to the school willingly. In any case, guardians must assent recorded as a hard copy. 

6. Need to wash your hands sooner or later. 

7. Hands ought to be washed regardless of whether they don't look filthy. 

8. Authorization to consider online will proceed; it will be supported. 

9. Understudies, educators, and staff going to class must try not to go to the control zone. 

10. There will be severe limitations on sports action and get together. 

11. On the off chance that AC is on, its temperature will be between 24 to 30. 

12. Keep up stickiness level 40 to 70 percent in AC. 

13. Just schools outside the regulation zone will be permitted to open. 

14. The beat oximeter's plan should be compulsory so the anisometric's oxygen level can be checked. 

15. The rec center can be utilized just dependent on rules, yet the pool will be shut. 

16. School the executives will be answerable for giving face covers, head sanitizers to educators and staff. 

17. The cleaning representative should be given a warm firearm, dispensable paper towel, cleanser, 1 percent sodium hypochlorite arrangement. 

22. At the hour of the down to earth, the understudy will go to various segments. Enormous quantities of understudies can't be taken to the lab simultaneously. 

19. There should be a covered dustbin and appropriate removal of waste. 

20. Sweepers must be appropriately prepared prior to being employed. 

21. Understudies won't have the option to trade books, duplicate of study material, pencil, pen, water bottle.

Students from Class 11 to CLASS 12 can go to school with the permission of their parents, gym scanwill open but swimming pool and sports activity banned

AAJTAK NEWS||Divya Bhaskar

  What will be the rule for the school 

Separate time allotments should be organized understudies to contemplate. 

Can be concentrated outside rather than in the homeroom 

On the web and separation learning must be masterminded. 

The school grounds, homeroom, research center, study halls, restrooms should be cleaned before the school is opened. 

The school, which was distributed as an isolate focus, should be disinfected with additional consideration and alert. 

50% of educating and non-encouraging staff can be called to the school for internet instructing and tele-directing. 

Contactless participation should be masterminded understudies rather than biometric participation. 

Checking ought to be done a ways off of 6 feet over the ground in a line. The course of action will be within and outside of the school. 

Individuals won't get affirmation. 

Understudies, educators, or staff from the isolate zone can't come to class. 

Suggestive understudies won't be permitted to come to class. 

In the event that an understudy, instructor, or representative is sick, they can't be called to class under any conditions. 

What to do if there should arise an occurrence of indications in understudies, instructors, or staff 

They will be disconnected right away. Where nobody else will be permitted to go 

Guardians should be educated about this. 

He will be approached to wear a face cover until the specialist tests him. 

Contact the closest clinic or state helpline right away. 

The whole grounds will be cleaned once more. 

Standard advising will be given to understudies or educators in the event that they are experiencing pressure or psychological maladjustment. 

These higher instructive establishments will have the option to open. 

Expertise and Entrepreneurship Training Institute 

Higher Educational Institute where Ph.D., specialized and proficient projects are run and lab, trial work is required. These organizations can be opened after the exhortation of the Department of Higher Education. 

Mechanical Training Institute (ITI) 

Transient Training Center enlisted with National Skill Development Corporation or State Skill Development Mission. 

Public Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 

Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship 

Other preparing supplier foundations 

The standard for lodging, private complex, visitor house 

Understudies from different urban areas or states and don't approach online training might be distributed a lodging, visitor house, or private complex. 

Understudies remaining in such lodgings from outside must be isolated for 14 days. Really at that time will the understudy have the option to be available in the study hall. 

The establishment ought to have a separation framework. 

There will be a screening test for each understudy who comes to remain in the lodging. Just sedative understudies will be assigned rooms in the lodging. 

Understudies who show crown indications will be housed in the establishment's segregation ward. 

A room ought to be separated at any rate 6 feet separated between two understudy beds. 

Understudies who show crown indications will be housed in the establishment's disengagement ward. 

A room ought to be dispersed at any rate 6 feet separated between two understudy beds.
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Date 9-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar

 Date 9-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar

Video of Std. 1, Std. 2, Std. 12 is not available today on 9_9_2020 under Home Learning. Std. 3 is an environment subject today. Std. 4 is an environment subject. Std. The subject is Mathematics subject for standard 9 and standard 11

Students don't pay attention, not even their feedback.
 Teachers conduct studies through TV-online. In which a pro-communication takes place. Whether the children are studying, writing in a notebook, paying attention to what is being taught is not getting feedback.

 Dad has a smartphone, and it gets in trouble if he goes out.
 In many cases, the details have also surfaced that the house has only one smartphone. The father, who has the house's main responsibility, has a smartphone, but the children are deprived of studies at home while he is carrying the phone when he goes to work. There are also cases of having two children in the same household, and many people do not have smartphones and TVs available.

Date 9-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar


 Since there is no TV at home, the children have to go to the neighborhood.
 The government's home learning concept has become a problem for poor children. Many poor students studying in the education committee do not even have a TV at home. It's their turn to go home to watch home learning on TV in the neighborhood. The committee is also asking such students to take photos of them studying on TV. So it has been found that children are sending photos to teachers from other people's mobiles.

 A mobile application will be developed for the virtual class.
 Home learning material has been printed on Thursday evening. It will be delivered by Monday. Teachers will personally deliver this material to the students and also check it every week. Which will provide information on how much the student has studied. Teachers also stay in touch with students daily. A mobile app will also be developed to launch a virtual classroom. There will also be recorded lectures by teachers. A household member who has a smartphone and has gone to work can also come home in the evening, and students can study from it.
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